FixMyWard provides technology and programmatic solutions for issue-based, people-centred civic participation at the lowest levels of devolution in Kenya, as envisioned in the Constitution and Vision 2030.


  • SmartCitizen Reporting platform

We provide the FixMyWard platform for the public and County government to improve service delivery at the Ward, Subcounty and departmental level. This will increase transparency and accountability while mapping corruption cases.

The interactive platform is implemented for each county government or neighbourhood association to map service requests and report incidents of bribery and corruption.



  • Social Media Intelligence reports

We provide social media intelligence reports on your reputation or your brand. If you are a corporate, a public figure or brand, we have a monitoring solution for you that give analytics and measures general sentiment by the public online.

Receive regular Intelligence Reports showing what the public feels about you online and how to influence sentiments on all major social media platforms, blogs or websites.


  • Advocacy and Fundraising platform


The Fundraising platform is being promoted through our partner organisations and we have supported civil society in developing ICT and Civic Engagement programmes.

ICT can be used to improved access to funding for marginalised groups.



  • ICT Advisory Services

We train and consult on public participation as well as technologies that may be used by citizens or those in government to improve engagement.

We are effective moderators for ICT and Governance Seminars. Some of the clients have included Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in use of ICT for rural development.



  • Mobiles for Citizen Engagement

FixMyWard were members of the Technical Committee of the MobileGovernment World Summit 2017. FixMyWard will help you setup BulkSMS, shortcodes and SenderIDs to communicate with voters in your Ward, Consituency or County. Listen to your voters who send in SMS and send replies and regular updates to them.


  • Farming Information Management System


The Farming Information Management System (FMIS) helps you monitor your farming inputs, production and sales online. Decision making is simplified and supported by reliable data.


Local Impact – Global Influence

FixMyWard won the runners-up position the “Social Media Excellence Award 2015” from the ICT Association of Kenya (ICTAK) during the ICT Value Awards 2015 and has been represented at global and national policy forums such as the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015, the Global Summit on Tech Policy Challenges at the, University of Washington, 2016, the Consultative Forum in the National ICT Policy 2016 and Moderation of the South C Ward MCA Debate 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. FixMyWard is developing platforms aimed at enhancing issue-based public participation in governance at the local level. FixMyWard were members of the Technical Committee of the MobileGovernment World Summit 2017.


We were proud of the “Award of Excellence” category that placed our work alongside the respected organisation that is Kenya Red Cross Society.

On the same awards night, our Director, Eng. Wainaina Mungai was a winner of the ICT Leadership Award 2015 which he received alongside industry giants such as the newly appointed Principal Secretary for ICT and Innovation, Mr. Victor Kyalo; CEO of mHealth Kenya, Dr. Cathy Mwangi; and Peter Mutunga of DHL Kenya.

At FixMyWard, we initiated a project to facilitate residents of the South C Ward in Nairobi, Kenya to participate in local governance and for improvement of service delivery by public and private service providers.

We have applied lessons from implementing public participation projects such as our previous initiative known as BungeSMS