Digital Media Agency

We provide social media management and intelligence reporting for your brand.

If you are a corporate entity, a public figure or brand, we also have a social listening solution for you that gives analytics and measures general sentiment by the public online.


We offer:

  • Strategy Development
  • Online Campaign Execution
  • Monthly Retainer Packages


ICT Consultancy



We train and consult on technologies for your organisation and how ICT may be used by citizens or those in government to improve engagement.

Technology Management Consulting 

  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Business process and system design
  • Project Management Support

We specifically have expertise in the the Broadcasting sector from analogue to digital broadcasting and IP/internet based broadcasting.


  1. Playout Automation Systems for TV and Radio stations
  2. Compliance Systems for Broadcasters
  3. Revenue Assurance and Commercial Traffic Management System
  4. Editing and Production Systems
  5. Digital Assets Management Systems



  1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  2. Systems Administration
  3. Client Support and ITIL compliant Help desk Solutions
  4. Network Infrastructure and Access Control solutions
  5. CCTV and Security Systems



We support and guide you to develop a strategy for your ICT-driven projects.  We are effective moderators for ICT and Governance Seminars.

Some of the clients have included Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in use of ICT for rural development.


Crowdfunding Solutions  is a project under our technology for education programme. All donations to students are delivered in full and in-kind instead of cash or paid directly into the account of the respective school or college.

We also provide the FixMyWard platform for the public and County government to improve service delivery at the Ward, Subcounty and departmental level. Collaboration in the project identification and funding process will increase transparency and accountability while mapping successful projects and corruption cases.


Citizens sign-up as Fixers to propose solutions for their local area, as Funders to donate to projects in any part of the country and as Partners such as NG-CDF, MPs, MCA, Governors, Senators or corporate and development partners.

Mobiles for Citizen Engagement

FixMyWard, through Eng. Wainaina Mungai, is a member of the Technical Committee of the MobileGovernment World Summit 2017 and in 2018. As a members of the much review Summit content, influence programme and may make presentations at the event. The  mobileGov World Summit and Global mobileGov Awards 2018 will be held in Brighton, UK on 14th and 15th June 2018. This year’s main theme  is mindfulGovernmentshow public sector IT and Service delivery to citizens are influenced by the mobile and artificial Intelligence technologies.