Bunge SMS is a mobile phone based campaign by Made in Kenya Network that combines the internet and mobile telephony with the aim of Empowering every Kenyan to influence Local Governance in their Constituencies.

The Bunge SMS campaign is also part of the testing of the Mobile Advocacy Toolkit developed by Tactical Technology collective in collaboration with Fahamu. The Toolkit was developed based on input members of the PanAfrican Mobile Activists Network (PAMONet).

The testing of the Mobile Advocacy Toolkit is conducted courtesy of financial support from Hivos and Fahamu.

Fahamu HIVOS


Our focus is the application of information and communication technologies for development. We shall offer consultancy services and apply ICT in profiling the development activities of the youth, their products and destinations in Kenya.


Our achievements to date have included the establishment and coordination of the WSIS Youth Kenya Caucus and facilitation of the WSIS/ICT policy-related campaign on youth issues in Kenya.

At Made in Kenya Network, we seek to add value to our clients in ICT project development and management, research, youth empowerment, policy engagement and marketing, amongst others.

What experts said about BungeSMS...

Vital Voices Global Partnership - Jan 22 2011

BungeSMS mentioned in Advocacy and Public-private Dialogue Toolkit" by Vital Voices Global Partnership [PDF]

Increasing Transparency - May 13 2010

BungeSMS received mention by The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions in "Increasing Transparency & Fighting Corruption Through ICT: Empowering People & Communities" � 2010 SPIDER - The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions, ISBN 978-91-85991-02-0

Civil Society & Governance - Dec 27 2010

Once again, BungeSMS recognised in the publication Mobile Phones for Good Governance - challenges and way forward by Johan Hellstrom, Stockholm University, 2009

Good Governance - Dec 12 2009

The "Kenya Economic Update - Edition 3" by the Worldbank Group lists BungeSMS as one of the notable initiatives for Civil Society and Governance.

Building Alliances - Oct 30 2009

USAID's publication on "Building Alliances Series: Democracy (Oct 2009)" mentioned BungeSMS as one of the "emerging Democracy and governance trends that have alliance potential".

Strengthening Citizens - May 30 2009

BungeSMS is cited by Zanello, G. (2009) in 'Strengthening citizen agency through ICT: an extrapolation for Eastern Africa" in Public Management Review, 13 (3), 363-382. Paper presented at Governing Good and Governing Well: The First Global Dialogue on Ethical and Effective Governance, May 28-30, 2009, Amsterdam. Amsterdam: Hivos. ISSN: 1471-9037